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Meaningful change is within your reach with technology

The foremost aspect our clients emphasize in their feedback is their reliance on our unwavering commitment to their endeavors. You can count on it as well.

We partner with you to:

Create what's next

by building digital products, services, or experiences that are grounded in people’s needs and align with your business goals

Capture the benefits of the new e-commerce reality

by implementing complex solutions in enterprise technologies such as SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud

Transform your business

through custom software development solutions or cloud development services that generate efficiencies, create competitive advantages, and enable you to serve customers and employees better and profitably.

Our business-minded tech solutions

Different challenges require different tech solutions. To deliver to you the right solution for what you want to achieve, we specialized in 3 areas. Because only by developing competences in a variety of solutions can we genuinely commit to co-creating change with you.

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Custom product development

Enhancing your product, not just executing it.

  • Digital product design
  • Web & Mobile apps
  • Business process digitalization
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Enterprise solutions

Transforming how you sell, not just implementing an e-commerce solution.

  • Enterprise e-commerce solutions
  • Identity and access management
  • SAP CX implementations
  • Best practice adherence & complex integrations
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Cloud development

Accelerating time-to-market, -to-insights, and -to-innovation, not just enabling you to promptly respond to changing market conditions.

  • SAAS solutions, AWS and Azure
  • Cloud migration & implementation
  • Serverless development
  • Micro-services implementation

Wait a sec, Devista is in the building to say “Hello”!

In the beginning, there were 5 experienced consultants, but soon after many more determined developers joined the coding revolution. Quick flashback to 2020, the year when Devista was founded with its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania.

The digital transformation was here, and Devista came into play to help any client with the transition to cloud-based solutions and the adoption of sustainable innovation in business.

Learn more about our journey here

The goal was simple, software consulting & development was reaching an all-time growth in terms of market needs, and time was of the essence.

People needed help with transforming their ideas into reality.

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There’s no tease about our software expertise!


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Cloud Computing

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Solutions & Integrations

SAP Commerce

Read all about the latest tech news in our blog articles!

Always being up to date with the latest developments in the industry, and writing about them is what we also do. Just take a look at our tips and tricks, authentication studies, and keep one thing in mind: with Devista your way into the future is already opened!

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