About Us
Who is Devista and what we’re all about!

It’s all about Tech and fully understanding the business process in order to advise you with what’s the best approach possible. Of course, we’re always happy to geek out about new developments in the industry, but it all comes into perspective when we reach the point of it all: excellent software development and implementation services offered for those in need!

Firstly, before starting Devista, our consultants led development teams to victory on battlefields of software implementation, pricing tools, payment providers, and integrations for major players in the retail industry.

Secondly, and be weary Tech enthusiasts, the scars of the coding battles left pivotal marks on how we manage to offer the best software outcomes in terms of product development. If you want to meet us, then you got to know from the start that we are a cool and open-minded team, long-time friends with expert backgrounds in offering complex solutions like:

  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Spartacus
  • Master data management system
  • CRM Systems
  • Payment providers
  • SAP CPI, SAP Datahub
  • Identity provider Services, SSO
  • Marketing tools
  • Pricing systems

Our values

You want transparency throughout the building process, integrity, and responsibility each step of the way, plus creativity. Of course, it’s your idea we’re talking about and it deserves it all. Think of us like a blank canvas that just wants some colorful imprints of futuristic and spectacular brilliance from your mind and dream big!

If you feel you’re on the verge of discovering something otherworldly in terms of a new type of product that will change the threads of fate, then it is our mission to shape technology to let your idea become tangible.

With us you’ll find only:


Unaltered commitment  towards the realisation of your needs.


A trustworthy  partnership in the process of brainstorming.


Complete professionalism  and guidance at every stage.


Absolute quality  from start to finish, using the best solutions.

Our story

It was a cloudy evening, maybe on a Monday or a Tuesday in 2020, Bucharest, Romania, when 5 friends devised a plan: to slowly, always efficiently, and steadily conquer the world of professional software consulting & development services.

All great journeys tend to start with enthusiasm and fear of the unknown. We had to agree to disagree, but the thought took us by surprise for an hour or so. We were ready, that was sure, we had the necessary experience and the technical prowess to overcome any bump in the road, but how the world would evolve in those uncertain times was a bit tricky to define.

Then, by nowhere, it struck us at the same time: digital transformation is the future, transition to cloud-based solutions, and adoption of sustainable innovation in business is the goal. So we were on the right track there. All we needed were others like us.

So it all came into shape and now we’re keeping an eye out for dreamers like us. Unafraid to take a chance on technology, passionate about how data management functions, and ready to be part of an ever-growing team of programmers, consulting experts & service providers.

Just in time to meet the management team
Odai Alokeh

Tibor Kiray

Alexandru Moroianu

Zaher Nasta