Install Hybris on M1 MAC

Getting an M1 PRO MacBook is a great thing! Better performance, no thermal throttling, efficient, etc…

But with each new product or architecture, comes a plethora of problems alongside it, one of these problems are incompatibilities with the SAP Commerce framework.

The problem arises because the Tanuki Wrapper version used for hybris uses an older version of apache tomcat that doesn’t support ARM architecture. To solve these issues, you should follow the steps down below:

1. Download the Java version 11 with support for the M1 processors from the following site:

Java Download | Java 8, Java 11, Java 13 – Linux, Windows & macOS (

2. Download the lastest Tanuki Service Wrapper on your machine professional edition:

Home – Java Service Wrapper (

3. After downloading and setting up java, make sure to download version 3.5.49 of Tanuki service wrapper that supports the M1 processors in tar.gz format (Professional edition):

Download Java Service Wrapper – Java Service Wrapper

4. Once everything is downloaded, extract the tanuki wrapper folder. Once extracted, open the folder and copy the following two files:
  • from the lib folder copy every file into:
  • from the bin folder copy all the files into:

after copying, rename the copied file wrapper → wrapper-macosx-universal-64

5. Once all files are copied, start with the server initialization process and you are good to go!

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