Less is not always more, and that’s a fact in our digitalized world! Find more about Devista services.

Our expertise is what makes us good at our jobs. More so, it’s important how we use it and why. Be it e-commerce, web or mobile applications, SAP Commerce (Hybris) implementation, and migrations to Spartacus there’s nothing we can’t handle with professionalism and grace when it comes to our provided services.

Custom Development

WEB, Progressive Web applications
Mobile applications (IOS, Android)
Development of APIs and secure interfaces for integrations with other systems

Analysis and design services

Identifying business processes to digitalize them
Analysis of business requirements
Software systems architecture design (layered Architecture, Microservices Architecture,
Event-driven Architecture, etc.)

Development for existing solutions

Data migrations (On-Premise and Cloud)
Architecture and implementation audit
Performance optimizations
Refactoring the code to ensure the best quality standards


With Enterprise/Complex solutions (ERP, CRM, WMS, BI, etc.)
With 3rd party (payment provider, newsletter, social media platforms, etc.)

DevOps Services

Deployment automation (CI/CD)
Hardware/Cloud infrastructure management (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Foundry, etc.)

Let’s have a mingle and talk about the technologies we use to give you the best customer experience!

Therefore, for Backend we’re highly trained in:

Java, Spring, Sap Commerce
PHP, Laravel
Node JS

And when it comes to Frontend:


Also, Data Management never takes us by surprise with proficiency in:

SQL Server
Need consultancy & professional services? Excellent, you’ve almost arrived at your destination! Next stop: workflow.

When it comes to product development, there are a few golden steps to go through without hesitation and with all the professional panache of a highly constructive workflow:

Requirement Gathering

Implies identifying your business needs, the purpose of your software, and deciding what remains to be included. Of course, everything will be tailored to encompass your particular vision.

The Discovery Process

Focuses on specific tasks that need to be completed to achieve the final result. When everything is clear, we shall offer you an estimate of the time and the budget necessary to develop the application.

The Prototype

Is where the process of creation meets a future end result: we deliver the backlog of stories and the prototype for your software.

UI/UX design

Or what we like to call it here: click and experience the future. Here is where we design the application screens using modern and intuitive approaches, focused on user experience.


Is where we start the coding process using Agile methodology. Having a clear understanding of your particular product, now it’s all about a step-by-step process that involves several iterations or sprints. Each one lasts about 2 weeks, at which point we meet with you, show our progress, and talk about what needs to be changed and included in the next sequential sprint.

Quality Assurance

Represents our vow to you: nothing short of perfection. Consider it a systematic comparison focusing on two standards: system testing and user acceptance testing. Both ensure rigorous product evaluation from our part and yourself, as a client, to correct any types of potential bugs.

Go Live

Is when the product is released. Of course, not left on its own to struggle pointlessly. As real users start to interact with it, we shall be observing it to intervene if any problem appears during this stage and the following two weeks.

Support & Maintenance

takes us on that particular journey of maintaining the functionality of your finished product. In our business, it’s called proactive development because everything needs to be closely monitored and properly maintained. We’re here for the long run, therefore you’ll have all the help you need from us!

Why software maintenance is important and improvements necessary – the Devista approach for client satisfaction!

A software product life goes beyond releasing it on the market. The lifecycle of your product has to achieve certain standards and impose on others the same quality. This is exactly what software maintenance does by correcting issues and bugs, improving the software overall, boosting performance, and much more.

Using the right techniques is vital for everything to function properly while keeping users interested and happy. Even if we talk about bringing new features to the product, enhancing the existing one, updating to the latest versions, migrating the product to the Cloud, or whatever other important reason, we’re here to guide you through everything.

Corrective Software Maintenance
A classic form of software maintenance and also a natural stage in any software product’s life. During this stage errors and bugs are fixed. Usually, the corrections are addressed by users or customers in bug reports, but this type of maintenance can help you spot the errors even before users, which translates into better quality products and a togreater brand reputation.
Adaptive Software Maintenance
Change is part of our world, especially when it comes to digitalization and everything tech-related. Updating technologies, rules, and policies regarding your software is a vital part of any product to function properly and efficiently. In this stage of the maintenance process, the operating system, hardware, cloud storage, or software dependencies are always kept in a pristine state by us.
Perfective Maintenance
Here we focus on adding new features to your existing software and removing the lesser effective ones. After a product is launched and users start to interact with it daily, a few inconsistencies that you did not spot may appear, therefore our job here is to suggest viable new features as future enhancements. This way, the product keeps being relevant to customer needs, while offering a positive overall satisfaction.
Preventive Software Maintenance
We aim here to prevent your software deterioration and have it working as desired for as long as possible. Of course, a few upgrades, adaptations, code optimizations, and documentation improvements are also on the coding & professional consultancy services that we’re offering from the start of this “nothing short of perfection” circle of transforming your awesome idea into something everlasting.
Did your team run into something it can’t figure out? No problem, you can always call Devista for a helping hand!
Growing your team is a must, and it surely won’t be the first time you will encounter issues during the process of software implementation. Your programmers are brilliant, but they don’t have much experience with software architecture, and that’s perfectly fine. No one can know it all.

So, how will you move forward? The answer is simple: by meeting one of us and having a chat. Get to know your future member a bit, and add him to your team for the needed period.
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